Register your Property Showings at the Real Estate Agent Directory

When you show a property to a client, you expect to receive a commission if that person purchases the property.
Unfortunately, some clients may attempt to have the listing agent (or a friend or relative) represent them, after you showed them the property.

The Real Estate Agent Directory administration page contains a tab labeled Register Showings, which allows you to add a Registration Record for each property that you show.

If you show a property and do not collect a commission when the property sells, use a screenshot of your Registered Showing to support your claim. The Registered Date/Time is guaranteed to be the actual time that you added the Registration Record, and that record cannot be edited. Therefore, you can prove that you submitted the information at that particular date and time.

The Registration Record is private and confidential, and can only be viewed by logging into your administration page.

Search Showings: You may search the Showings, by entering criteria into the textbox above any of the column headings. You may enter complete or partial matches. For example, if you entered Maple in the textbox above the Address heading, and Smith in the textbox above the Client heading, then Showings would be shown if they have Maple in their Address, and Smith as their Client. The search is not case-sensitive, so you can enter the criteria in either upper or lower case characters.

After you enter criteria, there are two ways that you can begin the search:
  • Press [Enter] while the cursor is in any criteria textbox, or
  • Click [Perform Search].

Clicking [Clear All Criteria] will remove all text from the criteria textboxes, and all the Showings will then be displayed.

Sort Showings: You may Sort the Showings by any field, by clicking on a column heading. Clicking the same column heading a 2nd time will sort the Showings in descending order.

Delete Showing: Click on the row for any Showing to display the [Delete Showing] button at the bottom.